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  • Cleansing Tin

Cinema Secrets

Cleansing Tin



What it is:
A sleek, lightweight aluminum tin for deep cleaning all types of makeup brushes.

What it does:
Reminiscent of a film-can, this Cleansing Tin is a film-inspired tin that’s ideal for using with Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner—a makeup industry cult-favorite. This tin is used on photo shoots, on set, and backstage as a crucial step in hygienic practices by professional makeup artists. The tin’s wide opening is perfect for dipping makeup brushes into the cleaner, and it's the right size for deep cleaning all of your makeup brushes, including your widest brushes to your powder and dense kabuki brushes. The twist-top lid fits tight to avoid spills, and it's made of aluminum so that there’s no risk of breaking or cracking. Let the toughest creams, waxes and powders melt off of brushes when used together with the Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner—, without the need of a single drop of water.

What else you need to know:
Many makeup artists were using tea cups or shot glasses to hold their brush cleaner, and it made for excessive evaporation and inevitable spills. Not to mention, glass is heavy and bulky and not kit friendly. The practical solution was to create a durable container that could be secured and cleaned easily on-the-go. This tin is MUA-approved for easy travel and clean up.

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