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  • CHROME Travel Brush Set
  • CHROME Travel Brush Set

The Makeup Shack

CHROME Travel Brush Set



Double Sided CHROME Brush Set 

Great for Traveling and saving space.

5pc Brush Handles, 10 brushes Natural & Synthetic hair, 

 Eye Brush:

  • 2 tone hair (medium) blending brush,  2 tone hair (small) pencil brush
  • 2 tone firm, straight-edge brush head, white natural goat hair crease blending packing brush

Face Brush:

  • 2 tone hair slanted foundation brush,  white natural goat hair (medium) buffing powder brush
  • 2 tone hair setting powder brush,  white natural goat hair powder brush
  • white natural goat hair slanted contour powder brush, stippling brush

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